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Meet YIN, #YINbyBE

Originally interpreted from Chinese, meaning "Silver, Money". This is to express how we wish every each of our loved ones and relatives the best in terms of prosperity and financial wise, that may their paths this year are fulfilled with loads of glittering gold. Truly the perfect spirit to spread during this early part of the year, the spirit of working hard, smart and believing in prosperity. Also, despite of the distance that may put us all apart, you are all always close by heart, constantly connected and wishing each other the best in everything in life as always. Work seamlessly hard, smart and have faith for the best outcomes possible, then it will come just right at you. Best of luck!


- Artisanal Premium Two-Level-Stacked Box, covered in silky cloth, finished off in Red and Yellow Gold Details (Dimension is 32 cm x 17 cm x 32,5 cm)

- Three Pieces of Premium Red Hongbao Envelopes

- A Set of Premium Traditional Ceramic Tea Pot and Mugs with Koi Fish Details (representing endless stream of wealth)

- Two Artisanal Jars of Premium Tea Selection

- 400 mL Minimalist Jar of Premium Pate a Choux

- 400 mL Minimalist Jar of Premium Ananas Taart

- 400 mL Minimalist Jar of Premium Cheese Sago

- Exclusive MAEVE Thematic Greeting Card and Tags