The Magi

IDR 350.000


In the event of bringing remembrance during this Christmas, we decided to use “Magi From The East” as our underlying concept. The spirited gents who came from afar to approach the birth of Jesus Christ and bringing offerings, this symbolizes the value of gifting, the perfect energy to spread during Christmas. Moreover, this can be a perfect moment for you to present your special ones the extra-ordinary gift, merely to value how special they are to you. Now let us all get prepared for this Magical Christmas!

Here’s Our “The Magi” Collection:

1. Melkior (White Color)

2. Beltsazar (Black Color)

3. Gaspar (Red Color)


- An Artisan Thematic Tube Box finished off in White / Red / Black Color with Gold Details and Ribbons (Diameter is 15 cm, Height is 15 cm)

- One 250mL Premium Aesthetic Transparent Glass Jar of Artisanal Petit Choux Cookies

- Three Artisanal Red Waldorf Soft Cookies

- One Artisanal Scented Candle

- One Aesthetic Box of Matchsticks

- Exclusive Christmas Decorations

- Exclusive MAEVE by BE Tags, Greeting Card and Ribbons