IDR 1.550.000


Reane, #REANEbyBE
From Welsh language, the name "Reane" means "Great Queen". This can be used as a self reminder on how we should all behave like a queen and king, that one highness with utmost wisdom, fairness and great capability of doing big things. Same goes with us, Allah has given us so many talents that are often overlooked, let alone developing them into the greater heights. In the preparation of celebrating the holiest month, Eid Mubarak 1443H, we should reflect on ourselves, get closer with Allah and thank Him for everything He has done for us, for without Him, we are simply nothing. With this, we have a better stake at celebrating a joyous Ramadan with your loved ones and make the best use out of it.

- Premium Custom Made Rattan Basket, finished off in Metallic Blue Color and Exclusive Ramadan Decorations (Diameter is 35 cm, Height is 65 cm approx.)
- One 600mL Premium Transparent Glass Bird Jar of Artisan Petit Choux
- One 400mL Premium Silver Tipped Glass Jar of Artisan Kaastengels
- One 400mL Premium Silver Tipped Glass Jar of Artisan Ananas Taart
- One 300mL Premium Transparent Glass Jar of Artisan Fudgy Molten Cookies- One Aesthetic Tube Glass Jar of Premium Bluebellvine Tea
- One Aesthetic Tube Glass Jar of Premium Camellia Sinensis Tea
- One Premium Steel Tea Infuser
- One Aesthetic Scented Candle
- One Premium Artistic Glass in the shape of a Pineapple
- Two Exclusive Table Placemats
- Exclusive MAEVE by BE Greeting Card, Tags and Ribbons