IDR 225.000


Meet Parker, #PARKERbyBE

Interpreted originally from a British name, it can be referred to "A Natural Born Hunter". This is a reminder to everyone that we all were born a hunter. A Hunter is one who has sharp and correct instincts which can usually strive them through hardships. This energy is sometimes forgotten, hence the toxic-negativity fulfilling the mind. With this, we shall always remember that we have that instinct to choose the best option that suits us, towards happiness for sure, which can undeniably help all of us to remain stable and calm when facing uncertain waves in life. Let us keep that positive mindset and use our instinct which long for success and happiness!


- Premium Artisanal Hardbox finished off in Emerald Green-Linen Textures and Exclusive Christmas Decorations (Dimension is 20 cm x 10 cm x 7 cm)

- One 250mL Minimalist Jar of Premium Petit Choux Cookies

- One 250mL Minimalist Jar of Premium Fudgy Molten Cookies

- Exclusive MAEVE by BE Tags, Greeting Card with Hotstamp Seal and Velvet Ribbons