IDR 1.850.000


Introducing one of our Exclusive Hampers Keenan, #KEENANbyBE

Derived originally from Irish, it means "Bold, The Descendant of a Brave One", this is a powerful reminder for each of us, to always be brave and live life boldly. Being bold means high effort and initiative which usually lead to high achievements, that one thing which seemed small yet can be a gigantic confidence booster. Always keep in mind that everyone, including ourselves, we all have an equal chance to bring victory into our surroundings, more often than not, it usually starts from our own. Drive change from the inside, always step forward with faith, and you might change the world and make it a better one. This is the exact kind of energy that we shall keep, so let us begin spreading it towards others!


- Premium Artisanal Rattan Basket finished off in Magical Gold Details (Diameter is 45 cm, Height is 80 cm)

- One 500mL Premium Crystal Tipped Glass Jar of Artisanal Kaastengels Cookies

- One 500mL Premium Crystal Tipped Glass Jar of Artisanal Ananas Taart Cookies

- One 400mL Premium Silver Tipped Glass Jar of Artisanal Petit Choux Croustillants

- Three Exclusive Multifunctional Steel Canisters

- One Aesthetic Gusset Bag of Premium Tea Selection

- One Premium Steel Tea Infuser

- Four Handpicked Premium Rectangular Table Placemats

- Artisanal Premium Christmas Decorations

- Exclusive MAEVE by BE Tags, Greeting Card and Ribbons