IDR 199.000


Meet Kaia #KAIAbyBE,
Deriving originally from a Hawaiian name, it means "The Sea where Pineapple Grows", this is to remind that you deserve a break once in a while, just to quit your hectic routines in a bit and recharge, just like how you long that Vitamin Sea and Pineapple vibes. This is the spirit that must be spread to your surroundings, to maintain your sanity, especially in times like this. Also, through gifting, this can be a perfect opportunity to bring about remembrance and the caress your special ones.

- Premium Thick Ivory Box inclusive of Sealed Individual Packaging with Tray, finished off in Red base color, decorated with Mid Autumn Rabbits thematic settings and Gold Details
- Five Pieces of 50 GR Artisanal Pineapple Shaped Ananas Taart
- Exclusive MAEVE by BE Mid Autumn Festival Ribbons, Tags and Greeting Cards