Icy / Gramps

IDR 295.000


Meet our Icy & Gramps #ICYGRAMPSbyBE,

Inspired from the eternal friendship between a Grandpa with a Snowman, in accordance to a classic tale. The lonely grandpa built the Snowman as his entertainment, which to his surprize, the Snowman came into life on Christmas, and has been sharing moments in life altogether, ensuring boredom is not there anymore. This tale is truly inspiring that everyone should implement this on their daily activities, despite of how dark times could get, faith and positiveness must always be there, hence life will turn around. This is the spirit to spread during this magical moment of Christmas.


- A Premium Christmas Character (Granpa/Snowman) Bag Made of Wool, finished off in Christmas Details and Decorations

- One Diffuser Set of Premium Scents Selection

- A Minimalist Acrylic Jar of Premium Cookies Selection

- Exclusive MAEVE Thematic Greeting Card and Tags