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Meet our most Harmonious creation, 


Originally deriving from an Arabic name, "Firdous" refers to the Heavenly Garden, Sanctuary Place. This is the proper symbol to remind every one of us regarding our ultimate goal in life, that is to get into the Heaven. Also, we are aware that in preparing ourselves to get that ultimate dream place in life, we are ought to cleanse ourselves and seek forgiveness from Allah for our sins and mistakes. This is the perfect spirit to spread during the anticipation of the Holy Month, Eid Al-Fitr!


- Premium Steel Glass House with Synthetic Grass Base, Hologram Butterflies, Hand Assembled Fairy Lights and Decorations (Dimension is 45 cm x 35 cm x 22 cm).

- One Handpicked Premium Ramadan Kareem/Eid Mubarak Wooden Topper

- One Set of Premium Tea Cup and Saucer with Classic Design, Wrapped with Ribbons

- One Aesthetic Glass Tube Jar of Premium Bluebellvine Tea

- One Aesthetic Glass Tube Jar of Camellia Sinensis Tea

- One Premium Steel Tea Infuser

- One 300mL Minimalist Transparent Glass Jar of Kaastengels

- One 600mL Minimalist Transparent Glass Jar of Ananas Taart

- One 1,000mL Minimalist Transparent Glass Jar of Petit Choux

- Exclusive MAEVE by BE Thematic Tags, Ribbon and Greeting Card