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Meet Fara, #FARAbyBE
Interpreted originally from Arabic, “Fara” means “Sunshine”. This is a gentle reminder for us that despite of how dark life is, the sun is always going to shine us all, same goes with hope, that it can turn things around for us. Also, we hope that this can bring someone light of hope, to cheer them in going through hard times. This is the spirit we should spread and keep in mind, especially when approaching the holy month, Eid Mubarak 1443H, which is peeking only from the corner.

- Artisanal Premium Bamboo Handbag, finished in White and Thematic Details-Decorations (Dimension is 28 cm x 27 cm x 8 cm)
- A 250mL Minimalist Jar of Premium Ananas Taart
- A 250mL Minimalist Jar of Premium Fudgy Molten Cookies
- A 250mL Minimalist Jar of Premium Petit Choux
- Exclusive MAEVE by BE Thematic Greeting Card, Tags and Ribbon