IDR 495.000


Meet Elliott #ElliottbyBE,

Deriving from Hebrew, the name "Elliott" can be defined as "The Lord is My God". This is a perfect reminder to each of us that we shall never be afar from our creator, God. In anticipating the holy Christmas month, it is never wrong to take some time to reflect on what we have done and being spiritually reincarnated-keeping what’s good, getting rid of what’s bad. This spirit is crucial, especially in times like this, when nothing is for certain, so it is always a good idea to get back to God and let Him face it all for us.


- Artisanal Premium Rectangular Rattan Basket finished off in natural brown color, with Exclusive Thematic Decorations (Dimension is 22 cm x 17 cm x 25 cm)

- One Premium Handmade Christmas Pine and Cherry Topper

- One Artisan Belgian Chocolate Chocobomb with Nibbles and Bits

- One Gold Plated Aesthetic Spoon with Chocobomb serving instructions

- One 250mL Minimalist Jar of Premium Petit Choux Cookies

- One 250mL Minimalist Jar of Premium Fudgy Molten Cookies

- One Premium Aesthetic Ceramic Drinking Mug

- Exclusive MAEVE by BE Tags, Greeting Card and Ribbons