EID 2023


IDR 1.999.000
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Meet our Harmonic Garden Masterpiece,


Originally deriving from Arabic, "Elena" refers to "The Sun Rays, The Light". This is the perfect reminder for us to be the blessings and light to others, just like how the sun keeps on shining everyday. Energy like this shall be spread to soar optimism and positivity to our surrounding in every moment in life. Let’s spread positivity, especially when nearing the Holy Month of the year, Eid Mubarak!


- Premium Artisanal Grand Triple-Tiered Mosque Round Box with Garden Thematic Imprints and Gold Embossed Details (Estimated Diameter is 30 cm, Height is 80 cm)

- One Premium Luxurious Scented Candle

- One Composite Can of Artisanal Ananas Taart

- One Composite Can of Artisanal Kaastengels

- One Aesthetic Goose Shaped Glass Jar of Premium Ajwa Dates

- One Premium Tea Pot Set with Two Cups and Two Saucers

- Premium 3D Sparkling Gold Butterflies

- Exclusive MAEVE by BE Greeting Card, Tags and Ribbons