IDR 1.950.000


Please welcome our Most Exclusive Hampers, Eijaz, #EIJAZbyBE,

Originally deriving from an Arabic name, "Eijaz" means "Miracle". This is a reminder for us to never forget that miracles do exist in life, that we shall always prevail and never lose hope, as it is one of the major keys to overcome any kind of obstacles in life. This is the spirit we should spread especially on approaching and preparing ourselves for the Holiest Month of the Year, Eid Mubarak 1443H.


- An Artisanal Premium Rattan Basket finished off in Magical Gold and Emerald Green Details (Diameter is 45 cm, Height is 80 cm)

- Handpicked Premium Artificial Flowers and Decorations

- Two Hand-Assembled Premium Placemats in the shape of a Flower

- One Premium Single Cup Coffee Maker Machine Set (Aesthetic Mug is included)

- One 600mL Premium Gold Bird Glass Jar of Artisan Petit Choux

- One 500mL Premium Crystal Glass Jar of Artisan Ananas Taart

- One 300mL Premium Transparent Glass Jar of Artisan Kaastengels

- Two Premium Multifunctional Steel Canisters

- One Aesthetic Coffee Grinder

- One Pack of Handpicked Premium Arabica Robusta Coffee

- Two Minimalist Glass Tube Jars of Premium Tea Selection

- One Premium Steel Tea Infuser

- Exclusive MAEVE by BE Thematic Ribbon, Tags and Greeting Card