Flower Arrangement


IDR 1.100.000 IDR 850.000
Estimated Delivery Time: 3


Dulcia #DULCIAbyBE

Deriving originally from Latin, meaning "Sweet". Aligned with one of the color elements in this arrangement, Pink meaning sweet, this is to symbolize how you want to gift your special ones through the nature of being sweet and adoring. This could come in handy on maintaining and fostering relationships which, sometimes, is forgotten in this fast pace life, hence a remembrance and reminder can simply never go wrong. Such energy is crucial and perfect to spread during this loving month, The Valentine's Day.


- A Handpicked Premium Two-Tone Hyacinth Basket, finished in Natural Brown Color, with Brown Knitted Cloth on White Stitchings

- Hand Assembled Natural-Grown Flower Arrangements, with Pink, Green, White and Purple Accents

- Outer Box: Premium Hard Box

- Exclusive MAEVE Valentine Themed Ribbons and Greeting Card