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Meet our Last Year’s Best Selling Product, DILLIAN

Interpreted from Urdu-Arabic, the name "Dillian" means "A Worthy Worshipper". This is to remind each of us that underlying our own skin, we are a worshipper of God, that God values us so dearly, every prayer and worship counts, yet sometimes we inevitably unpurposely forgot that part. This is truly the perfect time for us to reflect and get back to God, thank Him for our lives, especially nearing this Holy Month, Eid Al-Fitr.


- Artisanal Premium Knitted Rattan Basket in the shape of Mosque Drum, finished off with Thematic Decorations

- One 600mL Premium Transparent Glass Jar of Artisan Ananas Taart

- One 300mL Aesthetic Transparent Glass Jar of Artisan Kaastengels

- One 300mL Aesthetic Transparent Glass Jar of Artisan Petit Choux

- Two Minimalist Glass Tube Jar of Premium Tea Selections

- One Premium Steel Tea Infuser

- Premium Artificial Flowers and Decorations

- Exclusive MAEVE by BE Tags, Greeting Card and Ribbons