IDR 235.000


Dalia, #DALIAbyBE

Interpreted from an African Name, the name "Dalia" means "Gentle or Tender". This is to remind how Allah has been treating us from day one, gently and with utmost love, that we should give thanks to Him for everything He has given us, especially in anticipating the upcoming Holy Eid Mubarak 1443H, so that we could all have a blessed and immense celebration all the way through.

- Premium Kraft Box covered with High Quality Silky Textured Linen Cloth (Dimension is 25 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm)
- One 250mL Minimalist Jar of Artisan Petit Choux
- One Aesthetic Box of Premium Ajwa Dates
- One Exclusive MAEVE by BE Travel Prayer Mat, along with its integrated pouch
- Exclusive MAEVE by BE Greeting Card, Tags and Ribbons