IDR 1.295.000


Meet Chermaine #ChermainebyBE,

Deriving from Latin, the name "Chermaine" can be defined as "Bountiful Orchard, Generous". This can be used as a reminder for us to always be generous to others, despite of the situations that we are in. Generosity can be measured through the gifting of a lot of things, not only monetary factors, yet more often than not, we are appreciated more for the "Time" we give to others as it is the most valuable item to everyone, not reimburse-able. Such energy becomes increasingly crucial remembering the situations that go by these days, supports and generosity is the thing that makes life worth living more than ever, so let us all begin giving that!


- Premium Aesthetic Modernized Rectangular Steel Picnic Basket, finished off in Black Cage, White Inner Case and Exclusive Seasonal Decorations (Dimension is 40 cm x 28 cm x 22 cm)

- One 600mL Premium Glass Bird Transparent Glass Jar of Artisanal Katte Tong Cookies

- One 250mL Premium Aesthetic Transparent Glass Jar of Artisanal Ananas Taart

- One 250mL Premium Aesthetic Transparent Glass Jar of Artisanal Petit Choux Cookies

- One Premium Individual Serving Car Coffee Maker Machine (with Car Electric Plug ONLY) 

- One Minimalist Bag of Premium Coffee Selection

- One Exclusive Ceramic Coffee Mug

- One Premium Artisanal Aromatic Candle

- One Exclusive Artisanal Wooden Coaster

- One Premium Multifunctional Gothic Dome Tower Storage (Dimension is 13 cm x 11,5 cm x 20 cm)

- Premium Artisan Christmas Decorations

- Exclusive MAEVE by BE Tags, Greeting Card and Ribbons