IDR 500.000


Calla, #CALLAbyBE

Interpreted from an Arabic Name, "Calla" can be defined as "Beautiful". This can be used to symbolize how your special ones are truly beautiful souls that they have a special spot in your heart. By doing such, hopefully that bonds with your loved ones become even stronger, such a magical spirit and energy to spread during the preparation of Holy Month Celebration, the Eid Mubarak 1443H!

- Aesthetic Premium Bird Cage Box, finished off in white, with Thematic Decorations-Details, ultimately covered by Premium Silky Tulle Cloth (Diameter is 22 cm, Height is 30 cm)
- One Premium Dome Transparent Multifunctional Storage
- One 300mL Premium Transparent Glass Jar of Artisanal Ananas Taart
- One Minimalist Gold Box of Premium Ajwa Dates
- Exclusive MAEVE by BE Greeting Card, Tags and Ribbon