IDR 3.250.000


Let us introduce our Most Exclusive Hampers, ALODIA#ALODIAbyBE
Interpreted from a French Name, meaning "Foreign Wealth", this can be referred to our miraculous blessings from Allah from day one we were born into this world. It is true how every one of us is a wealthy person, having perfectly functioning body, healthy soul and surrounded by lovely people, money aside. This can be used as a reminder to thank Allah for everything He had given us, as it has been countless. And in anticipating the celebration of the Holiest Month of the Year, the Eid Mubarak 1443H, each of us is ought to cleanse ourselves and get back to Allah, get closer and personal to Him, through our fasting and prayers, with hope that we all shall be blessed fully during this Ramadan, so this can give us the boost to strive through the year with force!

- Premium Artisanal Rectangular Rattan Basket, finished off in Shiny Dark Brown Color, with Exclusive Thematic Decorations, Tags and Ribbon, ultimately covered by Plastic Shrink (Dimension is 80 cm x 30 cm x 100 cm)
- Handpicked and Hand-Assembled Premium Artificial Flowers
- Four Exclusive Placemats, hand-formed into flowers
- A 1000mL Premium Gold Gift Tipped Glass Jar of Artisan Ananas Taart
- A 1000mL Premium Gold Gift Tipped Glass Jar of Artisan Kaastengels
- A 1000mL Premium Gold Gift Tipped Glass Jar of Artisan Kattetong
- A 300mL Aesthetic Transparent Glass Jar of Artisan Petit Choux
- A 300mL Aesthetic Transparent GlassJar of Artisan Fudgy Molton Cookie
- Three Premium Multifunctional Steel Canisters finished off in Blue, White and Brown Details
- Two Minimalist Glass Tube Jars of Premium Tea Selection (Bluebellvine Tea and Camellia Sinensis Tea)
- One Rare Premium European Made Multifunctional Inox Rabbit Ornament (can be used as Paperweight, Ring Holder, Jewellery Storage and Interior Design Decoration)
- One Handpicked Premium Prayer Beads made of Thirty-Three (33) Pearls, with Dividers every Eleven (11) Beads, finished off in Silver Details
- Two Premium Aesthetic Wall Mounted Decoration Mirrors in the shape of Sunflower (One Small Size, One Large Size)
- Exclusive MAEVE by BE Thematic Greeting Card, Tags and Ribbon