EID 2023


IDR 175.000



Meet one of our simplest masterpiece, AIRIANNA

Originally interpreted from Arabic, the name "Airianna" can be defined as "Most Sacred, Holy, Chaste". This can be well used as a reminder for each of us, in anticipating the incoming biggest, Holy Month of the year, Eid Al-Fitr! It is the perfect time for sinners and dirty human beings, like ourselves, to start cleansing our minds, giving up and seeking for forgiveness on our wrongdoings, striving the best state of mind towards our minds, in anticipating this sacred month, which is just around the corner. Get yourself cleaned up well and prepare to receive your blessings during Ramadan.


- Premium Aesthetic Acrylic Dome Box with Gothic Textures and Details, with Exclusive MAEVE by BE Ribbons and Tags (Dimension is 13 cm x 11,5 cm x 20 cm)

- An Aesthetic Acrylic Ball containing Handpicked Premium Prayer Beads made of Thirty-Three (33) Pearls, with Dividers every Eleven (11) Beads, finished off with Thematic Ribbon and Exclusive MAEVE by BE Tag

- One 300mL Aesthetic Jar of Petit Choux

- Exclusive MAEVE by BE Thematic Ribbons, Tags and Greeting Card