Our Story

MAEVE by BE was founded back in 2019 through the involvement of two creative, meticulous and mind-alike personas, ultimately driven with the vision to be the world’s biggest-most personalized Online Gift Shop and the mission of jolting happiness to the society and eroding negativity, merely for the sake of having notions towards the deeming of crucialness towards gaiety. The creativity that runs in our veins feels like a never ending wave that lights up our heartbeats, impatiently waiting to be realized. Our creative team always manages to come up with newer and more refined ideas, with hope that perfection is drawn closer upon.


Starting from the creations of personalized and exclusive hampers, tailored specced and made-to-order in accordance to clienteles’ specific acquiesce requests, where we managed to deliver it all in an utmost ecstatic energy throughout our extremely detailed and prolonged processes, which ultimately resulted in utmost satisfactory responses and then taking place in regards of the expansion of our clienteles. It is the fact that we managed to receive countless compliments throughout our journey, which has inevitably drawn smiles on ours.


Expanding it went, with the extensively growing ecstaticness added, by putting in mind the fact that we only conduct seasonal products that would follow suit with its occasions, which then resulted in the notion that most people deemed that we ought to do creations more often. It was only then we began to think about how we can bring that idea into life and thus be a part of people’s happiness more often. 


Lo and behold, after long-period and endless researching, we managed to come up with a fresh and brand-new idea on participating towards the notion of being around the happiness of the people more often, that is the Dessert in Jars. Believe us, trials and errors were not easy, especially with our well kept, high and strict standard, it sometimes seems impossible to call it a day. On the brighter side, however, a brink of hope came into light, when our last recipe came upon approvals from most people-yes, we did hand out samples to receive feedback and thus refining it. With that said, it does not mean that our advancements come into a standstill, as we always strive to grow and improve things, so believe us when we say that we have more things to come.


While passions are high, highly motivated we go, chasing perfections it seems, we are, however, aware that we are humans that are bound to make mistakes. Which is why, we would like to thank every one of you, especially our loyal clients, that have been a huge part of our progress and growth insofar. Realizing on how we would have been as nothing without all the feedbacks, we are always open and excited to be in reach with you, so should you have any feedbacks on our products, please do not hesitate to reach us out. Worry less, always be happy, always be MAEVE. Because everybody needs joy, just like they need us, MAEVE.